Swirl Moccassin



Cleckheaton Merino Bambino. Approximately 10grams, 40 meters.
You may choose to add embellishments of Buttons, pom-poms or leave plain.

Newborn- 3 months

Finished swirl should measure approximately 4.5cm/1.75”

Sole of shoe (row1-3, heel to toe) should measure approximately 7cm/2 ¾“ and 4.5cm/1 ½” across at widest part.


INVdec = Invisible decrease.
Hook through front loop only of next 2 stitches, yarn over, pull through both loops, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook (may also be known as FLscdec).

FPslst = Front post slip stitch.
When joining swirl to shoe, right sides together, the WRONG side of the fabric is worked as if it is the right side. Hook under post, through next stitch of shoe, yarn over, pull through (around) stitches on hook, pull through loop on hook.

Numbers indicated BEFORE a stitch (e.g. 2hdc) indicate how many stitches are worked into same stitch.
It is wise to weave in ends as you work.

Swirl (make 2)
Picture can be veiwed here
1.       Ch 4(counts as 1st dc), 11dcinto 4th Ch from hook do NOT join
2.       2dc into each st around, slst to join.
3.       Ch1, *FPtr into 3rd dc in row 1, hdc into next 2 st* x 12 (FPtr’s into  4th, 5th, 6th , 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th , 11th , 12th , 1st , 2nd of row 1), slst to join
Note: FPTR acts as the increase in row3. Ensure you do NOT skip stitches.

Sole and sides (make 2)
Picture can be veiwed here

Ch 10
1.    Working in back of ch, 3sc into 2nd chain from hook, sc into next 2 ch, hdc into next 2 ch, dc into next 3 ch , 7dc in last, (now working on the opposite side of chain) dc into next 3ch , hdc into next  2 ch, sc into next 2 ch, slst to join at skipped chain in the base chain.

2.    Ch  1, 2sc into each of next 3 st, sc into n ext 8 st, 2sc into next  5st, sc into next 8 st, slst to join. 

3.     Ch 1, 2hdc into next st, *hdc into next, 2hdc into next st* repeat X 3, hdc into next 8 st, 2hdc into next, *hdc, 2hdc* repeat X 4, hdc into next  8 st, slst to join.

4.     Ch 1, BLhdc into next  10st, BLsc into next 7st, BLhdc into next 17st, BLsc into next 7st, slst to join.

5.    Ch1, hdc into next 11st, sc into next  5st, -now joining swirl to sole, right sides together- FPslst  into next 20st, (turn right sides out now) sc into next 5 st, slst to join.

Joining Swirl to toe can be veiwed here   , here   and here . You can see the moccassin as it is turned before the completion of row 5 here

6.    Ch1, hdc into next 11 st, sc into next  3st, INVdec, BPscdec, BPsc into next  12st, BPscdec, INVdec, sc into next 3 st, slst to join.

7.    Ch1, hdc into next  11st, sc into next  3st, INVdec, FLsc into next 12st, INVdec, sc into next 3st, slst to join.

8.    Ch1, hdc, dc into next  9st, hdc, sc into next 3st, slst to join.

9.    Ch1, FLhdc, *2FLhdc into same st, FLdc into next,* repeat **x 3, FLhdc, FLsc into next 3st, 2FLsc into each of the next 2st, FLsc into next 10st, 2FLsc into each of next 2st, FLsc into next  3st, slst to join. Fasten.


Attach embellishments, weave in all ends.


  1. Thank you very much for this pattern. They will be made in Switzerland.
    Regards Ellen

  2. Thank you for this cute pattern