Thursday, 15 March 2012

I Heart Inspiration

I must confess! I love Amigurumi Koeshi. They are cute, easy enough to 'dress' up and work up relatively fast compared to something you need to sew limbs onto.   I also confess that I have been a fan of Heart Candy for over a year now, gleefully looking on as the magnificent Jess works her magic with paint, paper, buttons, ribbon and glue. I love seeing her creations. I love the colours she uses. I love the artistic vision she has to be able to make such perfectly whimsical art pieces. My only problem is that-  as a single mum, I cant afford to purchase an original as much as I envy those who do.

oh boy *gush* over.....

What to do?
I decided to apply the concept of Jessie's work to 3D - with a crochet hook, yarn, needle thread and buttons. Lots and lots of buttons! I don't mean the ones you can purchase in a store. I mean crochet buttons! 30 of them to be exact. Have I mentioned yet that I have patience the size of a flea? Have I mentioned that I hate working repetitively? Arrrrrghhh! What did I get myself into?

The crochet buttons were used to create the bun upon bun upon bun look of Jessies' artworks. I think I may have gone a little overboard with it, but I love my new little friend nonetheless.

Four toothpicks, eight beads and a little craft/wood glue to make the chopstick bun holder thingies.

Six more beads for the flower stamen.

A little embroidery thread, a funky button from the discount store and TA-DA! 

Her head is stuffed with cotton card-fly and her body is fabric lined and stuffed with rice. The rice is heavier than the cotton, so stabilises her enabling her to stand autonomously (if you push her head the right way that is!).

I'm scared, petrified even.... that Jess wont like what I have done. I am crediting her with the design, because lets face it, we all get inspiration from SOMEWHERE and today, its Jessie' turn to be recognised and credited for inspiring others to create something wonderful (well, I think this little Kokeshi ptetty cool anyway).

THANK YOU JESSIE for being my inspiration today!

If you would like to see more of Heart Candy, click here to go to Jessie's Big Cartel Store.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh Laura,
    I can't believe you were petrified of me not liking her! She's absolultely stunning!! Every detail is perfect right down to the little bits of hair out at the front - soo cool!
    I wish I had the talent to turn my 2D work into 3D so being the inspiration for others just makes my day, and getting to see creations like these is just AWESOME.
    Thank you so much for your lovely words about my work, I appreciate you crediting me with the design :)
    Really love her, well done!
    Jess xxx

  2. If you need another test crocheter I volunteer!

  3. Amazing! This is one of the prettiest crochet dolls I've ever seen.