Sunday, 26 February 2012

For Kirralee ....

A few weeks ago a friend of mine (Sharon) asked me to create a mobil for her 15 year old niece. Kirralee has a severe aquired brain injury and unable to move, she is bedridden. For years Kirralee's mum and faithful Aunt have searched for a mobil that would be suitable for her age, so she would have something beautiful to look at. Alas, most mobils are aimed at babies.

Sharon  sent me a picture of Kirralee's newly decorated bedroom. Full of bright colours against cream walls, with the most beautiful quilt on her bed. A few nights of dreaming, a number of hours crocheting doilies and several DAYS of experimentation to make them stiff enough to hang, and this is the final result.

I sent pictures of what I was doing to Sharon as work progressed in the hope that she would think that this could be perfect for Kirrillee.

HUGE smiles on the day that she messaged me to say that she LOVES it! :)

You can make a similar mobil with any doilies you have laying around, or you can make them especially for this project. The pattern and instructions will be uploaded for you soon.

Maybe you could gather your supplies while I upload the pattern for  you.

I used:
  • Yatsal Super Value, Craft, Crochet, Knitting 100% Cotton 6 S/3  (I can only tell you what is says on the label, but it is equivalent to a 4ply/#10 cotton ) in 4 different colours - or more if you wish!
  • 2.5mm/USC Crochet hook
  • Wood/craft glue and Water (equal parts)
  • Sewing pins
  • a soft, flat  board or matt (I used a couple of the kids foam flooring matts)
  • Cling film to keep your matts clean and to ensure that the doilies dont adhere to the surface.
  • approximately 1.5 metres of fishing wire for each strand of the mobil.
  • beads
  • sewing needle
And lots and lots of PATIENCE!!!!
Here is the pattern and instructions 

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