Wednesday, 29 February 2012

No, no, not Realy.....

I'm not a hoarder. No, no. Not really. My house doesnt look like those where the only place to sit is in a small corridoor of space between piles and piles of rubish. Noooo... My house is generally tidy enough, you CAN see the floor. However, I do have a stash of yarn in just about every room of the house. In containers, on shelves and in bags, waiting for the perfect project to match.

I have vintage buttons and ribbon,  tapestry yarn and wool. I have crochet cottons lifted out of my mothers stash and storage bags full of yarn handed down from my wonderful friend Clare from Bobwilson123, amongst boxes of fabrics and felt.

 Many friends now feed my addiction. The mother of a dear friend went into a nursing home recently and during the sorting through of his mothers house, a huge haul of vintage pattern books and magazines amongst her stash of yarn.... and guess who is inheriting all of these wonderful relics? Yep. You guessed it! ME!

But I am not a hoarder oh NOOOO! I am merely a collector of useful, crafty type things.

I am not a Hippy, no, no, not really. My dream house would be made of strawbales and have a corridoor that is completly made of glass that doubles as a greenhouse for fruit, vegetables and flowers that leads to what would be my art/craft studio. I rescue, reuse and recycle as much as I can as often as I can, but this doent mean that I am Hippy - oh no! My Political veiws are probably too conservative for full blown hippydom. Besides that...... tofu? YUCK!

No, no, I'm not a hippy. Not really. I am but an enviro-consious collector.

I'm not a geek.... no, no not really. Just because mathematics plays a role in the development of some of my patterns (often with a  lot of luck thrown in) doesnt mean I am a geek does it?

What does it all have to do with todays post? I'll tell you. Before I get my dream house, I have to use up a lot of my stash making furnishings for it! For my latest project - a footstool for my daughter's bedroom - I used a similar principle as the Ideal sphere from Ms Premise Conclusion, only with additional even rows to make it a little taller. The materials I used to make it were:

a) RE-USE: the stuffing camne from old cushions that had seen better days, but I had kept knowing that they would be useful for somthing or other.

b) RESCUED: the Irish Rose in the centre top of the footstool was rescued from a garage sale, the yarn used for stitching around the sides is vintage tapestry wool rescued from a thrift store.

c) RECYCLED: the white yarn used as the 2nd strand in the whole project was frogged from an old project that I wasnt happy with and recycled here.

The chair was a rescue from a Salvation Army Thrift Store about four years ago.

The Monkey on the chair came from Frou Frou Old & New in the Blue Mountains about 2 years ago.

The Footstool was crochet-ed using  HDC, working through BOTH BACK loops (not the front loop at all). This was a case where the wrong side really became the RIGHT side. I loved how the 'wrong side almost looks knitted. The whole thing took 2 days to make and it stands 20cm high and 40 cm wide. 

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