Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life is a Beach!

Well, on Tuesday my plans all went out the window! I WAS going to post the pattern for the Crazy Square. BUT! The kids were going nuts, the weather has been awful here and the poor little loves have been stuck inside for too long.

Today is my "kid free' day. Thursdays are the day when both of my children are off with their Daddy and I get a WHOLE DAY to do anything I want/need/could be bothered to do.

I live in the most amazing area, where beach, bushland and farmland meet. There is never a shortage of placed to walk, hike, ride or just admire.

This morning I decided to go for a walk. The sun (briefly) came out of hiding and I thought a walk along the beach would be nice. It was beautiful however - very different to how our local beach usually looks.

Where this driftwood, seaweed and water is; there is usually perfectly calm seas and sandy white beach. 

Apparently there were swells of 12-15ft. Not hard to believe if you saw it. Of course, with swells so big, the surfers were out there having a ball. I was too scared to look. Every time one of them caught a wave I held my breath, prayed and turned the other way. 

Though the sun disappeared behind the clouds very quickly, the rain did not come. YAY! So I thought.... A bush-walk would be nice. 

The fungi on this sculpture looks like the Hyperbolic crochet we all love - or the Hyperbolic crochet looks like the fungi? Either way, it was spectacular. I walked for about an hour and came across all manner of natures goodness; flowers with petals that look like feathers and native birds in [what appeared to be] the throws of a mating dance. All along this particular track there are carved sculptures and the sound of the ocean crashing against the cliffs was entirely soothing and refreshing.

After all of this walking it was time for some retail [?] therapy. I add a "?" because my idea of 'retail' therapy is a trip to the local thrift stores to see what I can find. Eight vintage pattern magazines and a whole heap of neon - nylon mesh ribbon was purchased for the grand total of $8!!

Sorry. I know. All of this has nothing to do with crochet. I'm getting to that part.
So, I WAS going to post the pattern for the Crazy Square on Tuesday like I said. When I got home I decided to tidy up and then post this afternoon except, when I went looking for my Pattern Diary it was missing!

I searched in every room of the house. High and Low. Then I found it. Under the lounge. With pages torn out. The pages with the pattern that I was going to post on Tuesday that I wanted to post (albeit late) today! Not only were the pages torn out, but also shredded! My little girl must have got hold of it while I was in the shower yesterdayand decided to play a fun game [she LOVES the sound of paper tearing!] while Mummy wasn't looking.

With embarrassment, I offer you my deepest apologies for my failure to upload a new pattern today.

On the upside, the neon- nylon mesh ribbon (or whatever it is called) will have a new purpose soon. Can you guess what it will be from the hint in the photo above?

Until next time....

Happy Crafting!

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