Monday, 5 March 2012

Oh Yeah?!!!!

I have a confession to make.

I am a raging bull in a china shop if you even THINK about telling me I cant do something.

I will take the "NO", "IF", or "I bet you cant ......" that comes from your lips and I will run with it, toss it around by the tail, stick a pointy horn into its rear end and yell: "OH YEAH????! WATCH ME!"

Be warned. Don't stand in my way or make a noise if I am trying to do what it is that I have set out to do. You know... that thing you think I cant do? You might get hurt. It doesn't matter if the only person using these terribly negative words is the little devil inside my head. I'll still rip into it like it was a red rag in a bullfighting ring.

So when the little voice in my head said yesterday: "I bet you cant make a circle into a square, into a star, then back to a circle then a square again can you?" What do you think happened?

I DID NOT SLEEP A WINK last night. The yarn was flying the hook was raging and my brain was fried! But guess what! I managed it! Yeah! To that little voice in my head that said "I bet you cant" ..... UP YOURS!

I'll tell you, it's a good thing that this bull doesn't react to the word "dare". You never know what might have happened. Maybe I would have jumped out of an aeroplane with nothing but an umbrella for a parachute; or dived headlong into a river in the middle of the worst drought in history. If the bull reacted to Dares ..... Gah! I'd hate to think!

As you can imagine, I am exhausted tonight, so off to bed with my pretty little head. I'll try to post the pattern up for you all tomorrow.

Sleep tight!


  1. That looks awesome Laura :) Well done!

  2. you re very funny and entertaining! If you have to stay up all night it's at least a good thing that these are your greatest worries and anxieties! I only wish I was thinking about mathmatical solutions to crochet problems or puzzles,when I can't sleep. It is very generous of you to share these amazing calculations with us,but even just reading through the anatomy of a spiral or circle gives me a migraine...I never had a good relationship with math,even when I once had a brain,so I live in tremendous fear of all things math related,even though I am on the register all day at work,and continuously attempt to knit sweaters,of which I only completed one in 5 years. I am trying to get along with all the math involved in knit and crochet,because I too have that bad boy devil in my head and I am quite determined to give him a run for his $$$. So,thanks again for all your great wit and tips for a happy crochet life,I'll meet ya at the finish line someday when we kick the devils butt!